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    Thumbs up Evomovies.org - Watch Movies Online

    Here is a link to my brand new movie streaming site:
    *** link removed by moderator ***

    Here you can watch movies online without needing of a premium account.

    Please leave your feedback and suggestions so that I can add feasible improvements to the site.

    Thanks everyone!!
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    Opened your site, hit F12, opens web developer in console, I sure see a lot of css errors.
    HTML error 15

    CSS Errors (202) Warnings (908)

    Fixing the errors should speed you up to where the site opens in 3 seconds.
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    your site looks good and behaves good to. I like it. Keep going.
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    The link to your site has been removed and your account disabled because your site contains links to copyrighted material, which your site also attempts to stream via embedded players. We believe you are violating the licensing of the movies. Because of the clearly questionable legal nature of this, our best advice for your site is that you consult a lawyer to verify whether you have positioned yourself for a serious copyright lawsuit.
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