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Thread: Cant' get database to work

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    Cant' get database to work

    I'll start with saying please forgive me as I have no clue what I'm doing.

    We run a dog rescue and wanted a database to keep track of all the dogs and everything relating to them. I found open source software that might well work for us but I can't get it to work and I've no idea why not.

    I'm following all the instructions but once installed, it says to check for access on main.php but I'm getting a 404 error page not found.

    At the moment, I'm just trying it on free hosting until I see if it actually works for us or not.

    I know none of this is very technical but I'd really appreciate any advice please


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    Does the free hosting have a database server? If so, have you configured your app to connect to that database server? Do you need to create the database on that server before the app can do anything (you often do)?

    Other than that, it's difficult to say anything concrete/detailed with that limited information.

    Note that if it's a PHP/MySQL app, it's relatively easy(?) to test it out locally on your PC by using Wampserver (on Windows), or something like XAMPP (most OS's) to actually run PHP, MySQL, and a local web server on your computer.
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    This is the site I used.


    I downloaded the zipped file, uploaded the Shelterops.sql file as they said and made the changes to the config doc as they said - hopefully correctly.

    I might have uploaded it to the wrong place on the host. I just went with heliohost as it had MySql and PHP on it. As I said, it was just to test if it was working or not and was what we needed.

    This is the config file and I had to change bits in it to put in the DB name, user and password

    * @package ShelterOps
    * @author Definity Group LLC <support@definitygroup.com>
    * @copyright 2013 Definity Group LLC
    * @license http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html GNU General Public License
    * @link http://definitygroup.com

    * @file
    * Provides config settings

    Configuration file
    @define("DEFAULT_LANGUAGE", "english");
    //@TODO optional currency settings
    //@define("CURRENCY", "GBP");
    define("DBNAME", "staffy_Alison");
    define("DBUSER", "staffy_Alison");
    define("DBPASS", "password");
    define("TIMEZONE", 'America/New_York');
    define("DOMAIN", "staffyclub.heliohost.org");
    define("ROOT", $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']);
    define("BASE", "");
    define("RELATIVE" , "");
    @define("HOME_PATH", "main.php");
    define('HOME_LINK', '<a href="' . HOME_PATH . '">Home</a> >>');
    @define('MODULE_LINK', '<a href="' . HOME_PATH . '?action=' . $_GET['action'] . '">' . ucwords($_GET['action']) . '</a> >>');

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    Sorry, not sure what you mean?

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