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Thread: PC to PC communication via internet

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    PC to PC communication via internet

    Hello experts
    Basically I am from electronics side. I want to control electronics device using the internet. One PC will send signal via internet to another PC to control electronics device

    client PC1 --- > Internet-----> web server PC2 -----user PC3 connected + electronic device

    I need to develop website. I want to create web site. In a web site there will be web application and In web application there will be button.

    web site ---> web pages - web application - button

    when client press this button than binary signal will send from client PC1 to port of user PC3via internet

    this is possible but I am confused on developing tools and language. To make web page I will be use Html but I don't understand how does one pc will send digit to another PC via internet ? which tool and language I have to select

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    And why would you want to do that when there are already tools such as teamviewer? Sorry but it seem like a waste of your time. If you need then just use teamviewer and if you wanted to develop it for commercial reasons then you would not compete against teamviewer anyway.

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