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Thread: server is busy

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    server is busy

    Hi. Every time I open my windows, an error message box is popping out and says "server is busy" and I could not even close it. What is that? Would you know?

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    It sounds like you have an installed program configured to access the internet and perform an operation, such as check for updates for that program. The 'server busy' message is appearing because the program is trying to access the internet before the connection is completely ready.

    The usual suspects, in no particular order, would be:

    AntiVirus program.

    iPod or iTunes.

    Sun Java Updater.

    Any other program that has program update options.

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    It is not often, but it happens that when you turn on the computer, a window with the following contents is displayed on the monitor screen on the desktop:
    The server is busy.
    The action can not be completed because another program is busy. To go to this program, use the "switch" button.
    Can this mean a virus. If yes, then where and what antivirus program is better to deliver.

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