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    Website Ranking

    Is there any specific factors that your site's ranking may go down if you ever have established PR on google? If there is, what are they?

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    Hi! It is very important to know the factors affecting your website's ranking in Google.
    We in SEMrush couldn’t resist our natural curiosity and decided to investigate how things really are.
    In the last week's big research publication we received a list of factors that influence page position in order of importance from the most influential to the least:

    1. Website visits
    2. Time on site
    3. Pages per session
    4. Bounce rate
    5. Referring domains
    6. Content length
    7. Website security (HTTPS)
    8. Keyword in body
    9. Keyword density
    10. Keyword in title
    11. Keyword in meta
    12. Video on a page

    If you want to know how we received these results, check it out the full report: **Links removed by Site Staff so it doesn't look like you're spamming us. Please don't post them again.**
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