I've been tasked with making a simple intranet website for my organization. I've made and maintained an internet website for about 10 years, 15 years ago using Frontpage. That's how I learned to become a basic html coder. I started with the WYSIWYG and then learned the basics of coding to make the page look how I wanted it. So, I am not a web developer by any means. I made it work with what I had available. Fast forward 15 years, I'm just coming back 4 to work years later and as I stated earlier I am tasked with creating an intranet website. BUT, we no longer use Frontpage. I've been trying to use Visio Studio but honestly I really thing it's beyond my means. I've created a few pages but it took FOREVER and if I was asked to change it around, I'm not sure I could and if I would work anymore. I'm mostly using CSS and Divider Classes and I've been having a hard time figuring it all out.

So, my question is. Is there anyother software that I can use to help me build a website in more of a WYSIWYG style? I need it mostly for drawing tables to make everything go where I need it to go if that makes any sense.

Would love any suggestions.