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Thread: How to host multiple sites

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    How to host multiple sites

    Hello everyone, i have created a few websites for some friends, and i host them under different domain names , on the same hosting account. I plan to become a freelancer, and i understand that this practice isn't very efficient. Some problems may occur, such as: what if a client decides to hire some other guy to make changes to the website.In this scenario, i dont think i have to give him the login information, because he gets access to every domain in the account, so what happens? Should he transfer the domain to another account? Should i start a new account in my hosting company for every new project i decide to upload? Is there a more efficient way to deal with this? Thanks in advance!

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    It would help to know what you developed the sites in. Are they just basic HTML/CSS or do they use some type of script like Wordpress?

    Either way, it's not "inefficient" to put multiple sites under one hosting account. Quite the opposite. I'd say it's pretty typical and efficient. When a client wants someone else to take over the site you zip up all the files in their directory, export their data from MySQL and they take the site somewhere else. But you are correct that you shouldn't be giving strangers your FTP credentials if they give access to other sites.

    If you want to continue to host the site, but let someone else take over development – it sounds like you're on shared hosting. Most hosts have what's called a reseller account available that lets you have multiple accounts under a master account. That would give them their own FTP login and (CPanel?) control panel for things like MySQL access.

    However, personally, I wouldn't relinquish control of the sites. Let's just say the sites are Wordpress sites. Wordpress has to be updated all the time. Not updating it can cause pretty big problems. I personally wouldn't give up my ability to make sure all the versions of Wordpress on my server were up-to-date. But then again, you're on shared hosting, not a dedicated server, so you just gotta accept a certain level of risk.

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    If you are a web developer, then you should write the instruction for the client on registration of the domain and account on the hosting once. This way you will get rid of the burden of maintenance and domain and hosting.
    The client should take care of the domain and hosting, you as a developer are required to support only the site.
    Of course, for a fee you can register the domain and hosting yourself, but the customer should pay all this and it must be registered on the client.

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