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Thread: Asp, Perl or PHP?

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    Asp, Perl or PHP?

    Hello Guys...

    I want to learn a Language, and I want to know which is better, Asp, Perl or PHP???

    I want this only to write a Guestbook and a Survey System....
    Which one do you recommend me???


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    i spent about 6 months working with asp, and didnt like it: personally I found it an akward language, a lot of which wasnt particularly intuitive. I've been working with PHP since christmas, and am really enjoying it - i've found a lot more help out there than I ever did for asp ( www.phpbuilder.com/board ), and think that since it's open source it's a lot easier to get to things like "the manual" ( www.php.net ) than I ever found it with ASP.

    Unfortunately I still have to use ASP for some things, but I really avoid it if at all possible. And also i guess since php is the most popular language on the net at the moment, and you can run it for free (php is free, apache is free and Mysql is free) whereas asp's need microsoft IIS and SQL server etc.

    But that's just MHO!

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    i use asp the most but have used php and like it too i would say they are pretty even. as for perl i hear it is kind of hard i am plaining on learning it this summer.

    i would be concerned with learning asp with asp.net working itself into the mix. i have looked at some of the asp.net stuff it looks pretty different from normal asp.

    as for which one i would suggest i would say if you can pick up any of them it will help you learn the others. the most important is understanding coding principles and the way that code is used.


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    Thanks Guys by your opinion..

    I've used PERL years a go, and it's so hard, because its not a "visual" programming, like ASP and PHP, that yo do your HTML and shuffle with asp in the Dreamweaver....

    I have to do everythink manually in NotePad, or editors like that....

    I've been trying to use ASP (I tryed one time, and didn't like)... I have problems with this IIS, I dont knoe what happens here that doesnot work..

    I will try PHP now, and see if I get better resultus....

    Thank you...

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