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Thread: Nameservers ?

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    Nameservers ?

    Recently when I purchased a domain from GoDaddy, I've options to directly set Nameservers or create records like A, CNAME, MX, CRV, AAAA and TXT.

    As a noob I'm currently using Hostinger as a free host. It provides me with
    - my website IP Address to create an 'A' Record.
    - hostinger's nameservers
    - hosting nameserver's IP Address.

    I'm using my website's IP Address to create an 'A' record.

    Should I use any of the IP Address given with nameservers also to create any record OR only one 'A' Record is enough to redirect to my domain.

    Should I also create any record with www to redirect www.mysite.com to mysite.com or www.mysite.com will work without any www record.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I leave setting up the server(s) to my web host. That's what I pay them for. But I hope that this might be relevant to your query?

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    The easiest way is to use Hostinger's nameservers and set them for your domain at GoDaddy

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