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Thread: What exactly is done in "web maintenance"?

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    What exactly is done in "web maintenance"?

    I'm interested in becoming a freelance web developer.

    I have a college professor who is a freelance web developer, and I asked her how she makes her money, beyond "designing" and then selling the website.

    She told that she performs hourly web maintenance and content management services (charging $75 per her).

    Now just being at the beginner era of my web developing career (I haven't even mastered JavaScript yet), I'm obviously sorta of a long way from making $75 per hour, but I'm just still curious to know, exactly some of the things my professor could possibly be doing to be charging such a price per hour.

    She wasn't specific. Being on summer break from college, and you know, she's also on summer break, I'm not really able to be in contact.

    Any help would be nice! Please include names of software that I should download or utilize, as well as programming language (more importantly) that I should look into.

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    Add new features.

    Fix bugs.

    Add/edit/delete content.

    Fix bugs.

    Change layout/appearance.

    Fix bugs.

    Enhance capacity and performance.
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    Web maintenance refers to making modifications or updates to a website at the owner's request. It can be anything as long as they pay for it and not illegal.

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    Website maintenance includes
    Website content
    Test Website speed
    Link Check
    Software Updates
    Traffic Stats
    Keep your website up-to-date with latest features.

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