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Thread: Best browser for webdevelopment?

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    Best browser for webdevelopment?

    Hey guys,

    So I'm fairly new to webdevelopment and currently building my portfolio of work. Took on a small business' site and it's going real smooth. No huge dramas so far,

    Except I just spent the last 2 hours editing CSS because I wanted to change the font size of H2....this should be easy right ?

    .carousel h2.title {
    font-size: 100px;

    So I changed the PX to like 400 ( just any old rediculous size so I could see it change) then save -> upload to ftp -> refresh page. Nothing changes.....mfw....So I run all around style.css for 2 hours changing all kinds of stuff. ...then it hits me....load website on edge. it's all a 400px. lmao.

    So google chrome was just using a cached version of the site and not updating it on refresh.

    So I guess my qustion is is there a better browser for development that does not cache sites or? Can I turn this annoying feature off so I can actually preview my changes?

    Cheers guys, sorry for such noob question.

    yours lovingly ,

    A very hopeful future webdeveloper

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    I have the same question too. I have to clear my Chrome cache each time I want to see my website refreshed. It is tremendously tedious and redundant.

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    Not sure about Chrome, but in Firefox you can do a full refresh (bypassing cache) with Ctrl-F5 or Ctrl-Shift-R (Windows) or Command-Shift-R (Mac).
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    Opera is my favorite browser and I use it for debugging too. Never faced any problems regarding caching. Pressing the reload button top left reloads the page reliably.

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    F5 is a standard page reload.
    CTRL + F5 refreshes the page by clearing the cached content of the page.

    May have been updated as it has been awhile since I last checked.

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    there r some browser for web development- chrome, mozilla, ghost, vivaldi, safari etc.

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    I would say Firefox because of it's low use of RAM and better UI in terms of web development.

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