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Thread: How can I pass a value to "send=" on button form action click?

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    How can I pass a value to "send=" on button form action click?

    HTML Code:
    <form action='page.php'><button type='submit'>click</button> <input type='checkbox' required></form>
    When i click the button i get to page.php?send=
    How can i give "send=" a value?
    or how can I give the URL a own parameter? for example page.php?value= (I tried do this with php but it didnt work, i still got "page.php?send=" instead of "page.php?value=")

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    You should make yourself familiar with the basics of forms, e. g. here:
    Regarding your special question:
    You need to
    • assign a name to your checkbox
    • assign a value to your checkbox

        <form action='testget.php'>
            <button type='submit'>click</button>
            <input type='checkbox' name="cb" value="valcb">
    Having done so, if the checkbox is checked, the URL looks like this:
    If the checkbox is not checked, the URl looks like this:

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