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    graphics card info

    hello guys. i have not enough experience of buying graphics card.i want to buy 2gb graphics card for gaming.how do i know which model would best for my pc?
    my pc configuration: intel core i3 6th generation,4gb ram,500gb hard drive


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    Before rushing out to buy that big beast of a card that will run in 4K when your viewing system is still only going to render 1080p at a push.

    You are likely better to look at upgrading both card and monitor so that your screen can take advantage of higher refresh rates and a monitor that will do the card justice.

    Its like compressed audio and people asking how to uncompress so they can compress the file to a higher bit rate because they think it will be better audio... In this case, your Screen will be the let down, you can't get a better image out of a screen that will only give you a set quality. So it goes without saying that your improvements can be made but you won't appreciate the upgrade until you upgrade your monitor to one that can handle the graphics card.
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    Hi and welcome to the site. This is not really our bag, so whilst \\.\ has, rightly, pointed out the pitfalls, there are better sites out there that actually compare and rate hi-end graphics cards. You really need to look at them. Just bear in mind that, whatever card you use, you will only see what your monitor can display...
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