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Thread: Looking to Buy an Online Business

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    Question Looking to Buy an Online Business

    Hello Guys,
    I have around $200,000 available and I would like to buy an online business.

    I have reached BizBroker24 an online E-Business and Mergers and Acquisition Company, they were offering me a drop shipping ecommerce business for $150,000. This business generated around $80,000 per year. I would like to know if you believe the price of this business is too high considering that it makes only $80,000

    What do you think about it?


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    My advice is to seek proper business advice from a professional who advises people going in to business, often a whistle stop tour of all the pitfalls can turn a few people off.

    Ask yourself, is it a business or a franchise, the risks are just the same as buying in to a franchise as buying a business and do you have any idea how much it would actually cost to get your business set up? By the looks of it the site only sells websites. If thats the case, then 150k seems an awful lot for a website.

    Ask yourself, how much do I know about the industry or business I am about to invest in... Most people go in to business in to a field that they know well, have worked in before or have trained for that particular type of business.
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    Hi and welcome to the site. I suspect from your post that you have no business experience? If so, please let me sell you a business for the knock-down price of $100,000!

    But seriously, you are most likely to get ripped off, so does it matter to you who by? And even in the unlikely circumstance that you do not buy a turkey, what likelihood is there of you running it successfully? There is a lot more to running a business than just having the capital to purchase one.

    Do you know what kills many/most companies? Over-trading. Do you know what over-trading is? Then there is over-reliance on one major customer. Or one product. Or lack of focus (too many products)... Then there is the trading climate. In a favorable climate, many poorly managed business are successful, for a time. But in an adverse climate, many fall by the way side. A good entrepreneur knows when and how to retrench and survive, and when to push the boat out and grow. Do you?

    Turning to your question, what do you mean by "This business generates around $80,000 per year?" Is this figure the turnover, gross profit or net-profit?
    What are the projected earnings, and how realistic are they?

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