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    Question question about forms

    I'm sortof a newbie to web editing, and I need to figure something out. I have this page on my site that I don't want everybody to access, so I figured I would create an "enter" page where people would enter a password in order to move on to the real page. I know how to create a text form or a password form... but how do I get it so that what is entered by someone will determine whether or not they get to my restricted page?

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    There are more complicated ways to do this than what I'm going to suggest, but depending on what your needs are, this might do the trick.

    Most (all?) hosting services provide a control panel for you to use to set various parameters for your site. One common control is password protection for folders. If you only need to provide a password to a few people, this is the simple answer to your question. If you are going to have people registering on your site & creating passwords, you'll need a database & some server-side scripting.
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    http://javascript.internet.com/passw...ree-tries.html her yo go, just follow thoese directions.

    And tell the people that u want to see the part you passwording...the password.

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