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Thread: How to Manage Developers

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    How to Manage Developers

    We are looking for Mentors & Experienced professionals to help us in managing developers.

    Intro - We are planning to launch a website & App with one experienced & trusted Developer which is in contact with us via skype.

    Problem - There are 3 main problems we see in Future

    1. If Developer Left us : How to Build a Sustainable developer team on Project Basis & not dependent on Single Developer.

    2. Privacy & Security: How to manage developer access to web files in server. We are using Dedicated Linux Server with C panel

    3. How companies like Google & Facebook Manage developers

    We are also looking for Senior PHP Developers to Join in our Team on Project Basis.

    Thanks in Advance for help

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    1. To not depend on one developer you simply rely on more than one developer and ensure that they share knowledge and responsibility
    2. Developer who has admin access to linux server has most often access to everything on this server. Here you have to have trust person. In bigger teams not all developers need to have access to web server. Enough is one admin or two to not depend on one person.
    3. This is totally diferrent than that what you need. In big companies you have a lot of tools, systems, specialised teams, levels of access, etc. You won't be able to apply this.

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