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Thread: Looking For best and cheap dedicated server in Europe?

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    Looking For best and cheap dedicated server in Europe?

    Hey Guys!
    I am looking for cheap dedicated server in Europe. Any recommendations from where I can buy it.

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    I always advise that people seek a server host in their own company, this is so that you have legal powers on your side with regards to your consumer rights. If your server is in another country, then any problems getting the problem resolved could be exacerbated by being in another legal jurisdiction to which your only course of action if nothing gets resolved is to use legal services to take that host to small claims court.

    This is based on experience of having servers set up in other countries and it taking months to get the companies to first understand that the problem is their server and then to get them to resolve it. This is not always true if your server is in the country you live in, having experienced UK companies under US ownership, got the rough end and it took the trading standards to step in and investigate those companies (one who I have not seen in the last 5 years in the hosting business)

    Things to look for in a host...

    24/7 contact centre where you can either talk to or text a service agent.
    Service agents that are tech savvy and not reading from scripts making you jump through hoops trouble shooting a possible connectivity issue with your home PC and their servers...

    No limits on :-
    .: email accounts
    .: sql servers
    .: sub domains
    .: web server data space
    .: no bandwidth throttling
    .: no traffic CAPS
    .: no surprise bills !!! (some hosts offer unlimited with caveats where they can charge you for over use)
    you should look for an all inclusive package, the host I use is like that, the domain name is included in the price per year which is currently about 2.50 a month and I have all sorts of back end toys to play with like being allowed SSH, BASH, CronJobs (a previous host wanted 60 a year for CronJobs).

    You will find plenty of hosting companies that want to charge for everything and they are not on Windows Servers but Linux setups. Windows Servers are more expensive and really don't offer much advantage over a Linux server, they cost more and anything you want to do will cost and its often not the host but Microsoft wanting another chunk of flesh because they are a greedy corporation.

    To to summarise... Get a host in your own country, seek an all you can eat host with no hidden surprises and use Linux hosting because you get more tools at your disposal without the cost.
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    Not easy, I was looking lot of time, prices for smth good are incredible! Hope you are more lucky...

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