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Thread: Another website is showing up on my purchased domain???

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    Another website is showing up on my purchased domain???

    I purchased sunlifefinancialadvisory.com.au and have connected it to hostgator hosting. When I type in the URL on chrome, the domain is occupied by another website already?? I haven't set up a website yet so it shouldn't show up(I should be seeing the HostGator error page). I have talked to GoDaddy and HostGator and none of them know what the problem is as its only happening on my computer. Anyone know what to do??

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    Does it happen on someone elses computer?
    Have you tried clearing your browser history?
    Removed all cached memory?

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    JMRKER seems ti be on track. When i pasted your URL, i got HostGator 404 page not found.

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    If your URL searches result in a web page that is unrelated, it sounds like your browser has been hijacked by a browser add on like these so called helper tools, they listen to your search but serve you a page of adverts instead.

    I would also check for sure that you actually acquired the domain name and it is live and not parked and that the domain records are correctly set up and point to the server.

    You are always better buying your domain and hosting plan together from the same provider, if the domain name provider can't work out what happening, I suggest that you arrange for the domain to be imported to your hosts records and that should solve the problem.
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    Did you get this domain fresh or buy from someone else, Checkout the WHOIS info and take a look..

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