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Thread: Creating Name servers

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    Creating Name servers


    I'm trying to configure 2 name servers for my domain. My registrar has not directly the "create glue records" option. Here's what they say:

    "If an NS Record delegates a sub-domain (subdomain.yourdomainname.com)to a DNS Server with a name in that sub-domain (ns1.subdomain.yourdomainname.com), an A Record for that server (ns1.subdomain.yourdomainname.com) must exist in the Parent Zone (yourdomainname.com). This A Record is referred to as a Glue Record, because it doesn't really belong in the Parent Zone, but is necessary to locate the DNS Server for the delegated sub-domain."

    Does this mean that:

    1) In the registrar, I must create 2 subdomains (ns1.mywebsite.com and ns2.mywebsite.com) and point them to my 2 VPS Ips. Dount: do I create normal subdomains (A entry) or 2 NSs?

    2) In my VPS (mywebsite.com) I must create 2 A domais (ns1.mywebsite.com and ns2.mywebsite.com) pointing to my primary IP, or the 2?

    Any help is apreciated.

    Kind regards


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    Frankly, thats a bit rich for your host to do that, they should have your domain name configured for you, thats what you are paying for when you buy hosting and a domain.
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    Hi. I assume you have already sorted that out and configured your nameservers but I'll respond to share some information how you can do it yourself. The steps are two.

    1) Create DNS A records for the nameservers and point them to any of your IP's on the VPS.
    2) Register the nameservers with the corresponding IP's at your domain registrar.

    You can find detailed instructions how to do that at **Links removed by Site Staff so it doesn't look like you're spamming us. Please don't post them again.**

    Hope that helps.
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