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Thread: Creating Name servers

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    Creating Name servers


    I'm trying to configure 2 name servers for my domain. My registrar has not directly the "create glue records" option. Here's what they say:

    "If an NS Record delegates a sub-domain (subdomain.yourdomainname.com)to a DNS Server with a name in that sub-domain (ns1.subdomain.yourdomainname.com), an A Record for that server (ns1.subdomain.yourdomainname.com) must exist in the Parent Zone (yourdomainname.com). This A Record is referred to as a Glue Record, because it doesn't really belong in the Parent Zone, but is necessary to locate the DNS Server for the delegated sub-domain."

    Does this mean that:

    1) In the registrar, I must create 2 subdomains (ns1.mywebsite.com and ns2.mywebsite.com) and point them to my 2 VPS Ips. Dount: do I create normal subdomains (A entry) or 2 NSs?

    2) In my VPS (mywebsite.com) I must create 2 A domais (ns1.mywebsite.com and ns2.mywebsite.com) pointing to my primary IP, or the 2?

    Any help is apreciated.

    Kind regards


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    Frankly, thats a bit rich for your host to do that, they should have your domain name configured for you, thats what you are paying for when you buy hosting and a domain.
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