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Thread: What is correct use for of XmlNode.SelectSingleNode(string xpath) in C#?

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    What is correct use for of XmlNode.SelectSingleNode(string xpath) in C#?

    There are two pieces of code I provided: XML and C# below. In the if (method == "AmazonTrackingRequest") statement in the C# code, I have a SelectSingleNode for Tracking Number and if you look at the XML code Tracking Number is the first field. I'm not sure how to code the next field in that XML which is City in C# like I did for the Tracking Number field and then so on with the next field State, and then Postal Code... Does that make sense? For example, the code that I have in C# for City:
    var city = doc.SelectNodes("City");, I'm not sure if that is correct and that is what I need assistance with. I am trying to pass these fields for Amazon Web Services.

    <PackageTrackingInfo> <TrackingNumber>123456789</TrackingNumber> <PackageDestinationLocation> <City>Seattle</City> <StateProvince>WA</StateProvince> <PostalCode>98107</PostalCode> <CountryCode>US</CountryCode> </PackageDestinationLocation> <PackageDeliveryDate> <ScheduledDeliveryDate>2004-09-15</ScheduledDeliveryDate>
    public string ProcessXML(string xmlRequest)
                XmlDocument rsp = null;
                Saia.Presentation.Website.SaiaSecure.WebService.Shipment.Response response = new Saia.Presentation.Website.SaiaSecure.WebService.Shipment.Response();
                string testMode = "";
                    if (bool.Parse(WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Debug"]) == true)
                        File.WriteAllText("c:\\temp\\" + DateTime.Now.ToString("MMddyyy_HHmmss") + ".xml", xmlRequest);
                    // Determine Method to Call
                    XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
                    doc.XmlResolver = null;
                    string method = doc.FirstChild.Name;
                    if (method.ToLower() == "xml")
                        method = doc.FirstChild.NextSibling.Name;
                    if (method == "AmazonTrackingRequest")
                        Saia.Data.General.Shipment prc = new Data.General.Shipment();
                        string pronum = doc.FirstChild.SelectSingleNode("TrackingNumber").InnerText;
                        var city = doc.SelectNodes("City");
                        var state = doc.SelectNodes("State");
                        var postcode = doc.SelectSingleNode("PostalCode");
                        //string city = doc.SelectNodes("City");
                        //string state = doc.SelectNodes("State").ToString();
                        //string postcode = doc.SelectSingleNode("PostalCode").InnerText;
                        //string country = doc.SelectSingleNode("CountryCode").InnerText;
                        rsp = new XmlDocument();
                catch (CodeException e)
                    Core.Framework.Debug.CodeException(xmlRequest, e);
                catch (Exception e)
                    Core.Framework.Debug.Exception(xmlRequest, e);
                return rsp.InnerXml;

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    Hello mldardy,
    You wouldnt get much help with c# here. We can help you with web based technologies only

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