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Thread: How to create customized questionnaire on existing WordPress site?

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    How to create customized questionnaire on existing WordPress site?

    I have existing website in WordPress and I am looking for a way to create questionnaire (very personalised answer is based upon user response, like for flights search where the client fill in the city, date of flights and destination and get answer based upon his answer). What do I need to do that? I am beginner but I am looking for back end developer to do that for me but please advise what to ask for.

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    Well...since it's WordPress, I'd start by doing some searching of the WordPress plug-in repositories to see if there's already something out there you could use (as-is or with some tweaking). If not (or if it needs a lot of tweaking), then you'll need to look for a developer with PHP/database experience and preferably WordPress modification experience to implement your requirements. Alternatively, it *could* be done completely separate from WordPress, perhaps modifying WP's .htaccess so that the sub-directory this functionality is in can be hit directly instead of through WordPress.
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    Thumbs up Thanks for your advise.

    I will follow

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    Considering the heavy customization involved, this might as well be done with a custom CMS solution. It all depends on your resources.

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    Thanks for help.

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