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Thread: Once threatened by a Lawsuit concerning domain name - don't want to make the same...

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    Once threatened by a Lawsuit concerning domain name - don't want to make the same...

    I was once threatened by a Lawsuit concerning a domain name that I owned - and I don't want to make the same mistake. So therefore, I want to make sure I have my bases covered.

    A couple years ago, I had an old website with only a couple articles on it. It was about the medication - Klonopin. I bought a domain name beforehand - and it had the name of the medication within it. About a year later, a company from San Fran who had just trademarked the word "Klonopin" - sent a cease and desist letter to me...saying that if I didn't release the domain name, they would sue me. So I took everything off the website and I believe I let it expire since the domain name was within a few weeks to expire anyway.

    Currently, I am thinking about creating a blog about personal finance. I don't really have a domain name as of yet, but when I come up with one...is there a way I can check to make sure that none of my words w/in the domain name is violating any type of trademark? I believe there is a government page where one can go and see if particular words are trademarked? Also, is there anything else I need to know before I choose my domain name?

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    There is no law to say you can't have a particular domain name. If that company or person has not secured that domain name for their use, they can't exactly threaten to sue you for having a domain name that they obviously want... Sell it to them for lots of $$$'s

    Had you set up a domain name that was deliberately very similar, like you see hackers with social media domain names or mimic a bank, etc, then you can be done for misleading and if you earned out of it, then you can be done for possible fraud. However, if you set up a domain name, then thats just sour grapes on that individuals / companies part.
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    That was a really big mistake. You could (and should) sell your domain for good money, hat company had really not a signle right to sue you.

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