This forum area is for frequently asked questions related to web development and SEO. Rather than repeating answers to these in the other areas of, this forum will allow for single, more comprehensive answers to be given.

This forum is completely moderated. That means that if you post a question or response, it will not appear immediately.

Posting new questions here....

If you have a "What is...." question, please search this subforum first to make sure it has not been asked. If it hasn't been asked, then feel free to add a new thread. Once a moderator has had time to review your suggested new thread, it will be pushed live.

Answering existing questions here....

You an answer questions in this forum, but your answers will not go live immediately. They will be moderated. The same rules apply to this forum that apply elsewhere. Don't repeat an answer that has already happened. Don't try to add a backlink. Don't ask another unrelated question. Do offer clear, concise answers. Do offer example code or other types of examples when appropriate.

As with posting questions, all answers will be reviewed before being pushed live.


Brad Jones
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