Hello, I'm from forums.merkey.net. We are currently participating in a Google SEO contest for the search term "nigritude ultramarine." You may read about it here or read the slashdot article here.

We really need your help in order to beat Philipp Lenssen, the current number one. Just a few days ago, his site took our #1 place from us. We want it back, but we think that Philipp has too many backlinks. So we need your help.

Any and all of you who are willing to help can link to our entry websites. Please do so from as high a PR website as you can, on as many pages as you can, and as soon as possible. Please place it on index pages, or on teplate headers or footers if you can. Bold text is good.

These are our entry websites. We need you to promote them:

We need to have the anchor text "nigritude ultramarine". We're sure you already know HTML, but for sake of clairification, here is an example:
<a href="http://forums.merkey.net" title="nigritude ultramarine">nigritude ultramarine</a>
If we win, and we find that you have helped us, and we are in contact with you - you will be rewarded. The iPod will be ebayed away, and we will give the money away to those who help us. We are in this contest purely for the sake of winning. But we've worked so hard that we *must* win. Please help us.

Here is a thread from our forums which summarizes our strategy and our desire to win:

Thank you very much for your consideration,
merkey.net team.