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Thread: Please review my website

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    Please review my website

    Need comments and advices for my website.Desperately needing more unique hits on the website. Thanks


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    The look of the site is nice. I think I would make the menu stand out a shade bit more, but that's about it. Code wise is a different beast. Your site isn't W3C valid. You use a table based layout. You also use what I call "CSS for Dummies." In other words, the only CSS us really use is for links and the scroll bar. Take your JavaScript and CSS and link them externally. Then start to add CSS in your external file as you go through and trim down your code. Do the easy stuff first like getting rid of <font> tags and such. I wouldn't doubt that your markup code would be cut in half at the minimum when you are all done.

    Read "Designing with Web Standards" for a good starting place.

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    your site looks nice i would get rid of the border around the images
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