Hi Guys,

I have visited many web development and design forums and i think i have arrived at the right place. I need assistance or guidance on how to connect with bloggers, coders and web designers as we have stated a design studio and would like to offer our services to them.

Our company mainly wants to partner with web developers and designers as we know they have limited design skills and i want to offer our services to them. Our services are not only limited to developers, they are available to anyone. But we believe we will achieve great success and expand our business by collaborating with developers.

This forum is populated with the type of individuals and organizations we can offer our services to, but i donít want to turn this post into a sales or marketing page. I just need advice on how and where we can collaborate with developers on their projects.

I want to outsource our design services to them while they handle design and coding of programs, Apps and websites.
We established a Creative Design Studio offering services such as animation creations, illustrations, 3D logos, Redraw logo to 3D, video editing and many more.

We offer other services, but we want to collaborate mainly with web designers, bloggers and developers as they require graphics for their programs and platforms. Our Design Studio is located in South Africa, but any advice on how to connect with developers will be appreciated.

I just enjoyed the advice you have been providing other members on this forum, your community is amazing and i hope i too can share my knowledge with others as you have. Please, you can visit our site and provide any thoughts you have. I really believe we can build a good relationship by outsourcing our services to developers.

web: www.focusstudio.co.za