I've just registered as a member and am hoping someone can shed some light on an issue that we're experiencing! (note that whilst we run a web based business we're not that tech savvy when it comes to much of the developer terminology).

We have a membership website on Wordpress using the WP Membership plug in.

Some of the resources for members (who are teachers) are PPTs, which they are able to view using a Microsoft plug in.

I've copied this from the site: [embeddoc url="http://www.domain.com/wp-content/uploads/Lesson-5-Sport-SOW-Rugby-1-2.pptx" viewer="microsoft"]

Within each PPT we have web links to videos which are hosted on google drive, so all the member has to do is click on the links and they open in a new tab. Note that the PPT files are 'view only' and members are not able to download them.

As a side point, members are also able to create one edited version of each PPT master for their own use, which can only be saved within their membership area on the site.

Our dev company has advised us that the plug in has been discontinued and therefore it's now not possible to click on the links and have them load in a new tab (when you click on them now nothing happens).

The dev company have been looking for a solution to this and at first they suggested Google Viewer, however this was not suitable as members would be able to download the files.

The next suggestion was Google Slides (using the Embed Any Document plug in), which was ok security wise (members can't download), however we would lose the edit functionality.

My main question is: have you heard of such an issue with this Microsoft plug in? (sorry I'm not sure what the plug in is called)

And: Do you know if there are any other solutions available?

Thanks in advance!