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Thread: VBScript help needed.

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    VBScript help needed.

    I need a bit of help in using VBScript.
    I've got a string and need to split the string every 150 characters.
    Also, I want to replce newline characters with commas.

    I know it must be really simple... and I can do it using looads of other more complex languages like Perl!
    But I'm stuck.
    Can someone help me out with the code?
    It should only be one or two lines.



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    Replacing the newline characters with commas should be a one liner.
    Dim strDelimited
    '| VBScript uses the vbCrLf statement apposed to the \n escape sequence.
    strDelimited = Replace(originalString, vbCrLf, ",")
    As for spliting the string every 150 characters, it would be bst to write your own function. This one will return an array of strings.
    Dim strMessage
    Dim arrStrings()
    Dim i
    strMessage = "Some massive string"
    arrStrings = SplitString(strMessage)
    If IsArray(arrStrings) Then
       For i = 0 To UBound(arrStrings) - 1
          Response.Write(arrStrings(i) & "<br />")
    End If
    Function SplitString(strOriginal)
       Dim arr()
       Dim i, intToSplit, count
       intToSplit = 150
       count = 0
       '| Make sure the passed parameter is long enough
       If Len(strOriginal) < intToSplit Then
          SplitString = Nothing
       End If
       '| Split the string into blocks.
       For i = 0 to Len(strOriginal) / intToSplit
          ReDim Preserve arr(i)
          arr(i) = Mid(strOriginal, count, intToSplit)
          count = count + intToSplit
       '| Get the left over characters and put them into a new array index.
       Dim intLeftOver
       intLeftOver = Len(strOriginal) Mod intToSplit
       If intLeftOver <> 0 Then
          ReDim Preserve arr(i+1)
          arr(i+1) = Right(strOriginal, intLeftOver)
       End If
       SplitString = arr '| Return the array.
    End Function
    Ok, that should work. But if it does return an error, just post here again and i will fix up my mistakes.

    Andrew Buntine.

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