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Thread: Website and app development

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    Website and app development

    Hello Everyone ;

    This is Thomas from Chile; my first language is spanish so my english is not really good at all ( I will try my best to explain my question)

    From the last year I had a really good idea for a startup (similar to netflix) ; so here in Chile they are national FONDS for start ups where many applicants sends their applications with their idea for win fonds (50k aprox); me with no hope I send my idea and days ago I am in on the finals stage really close to win it (from 1000 applicants, they are only in the run just 10).

    But the thing is that I don't have any idea for create something by me; what I mean by this; I really know about website like installing CMS (Prestashopp, wordpress, make custom themes, and make website based in a already existed system).

    But now that I am really close to win this IDEA for the fonds, I really want to make my idea true.

    So the question is the following.

    ┐Its really stupid try to make and app/website by hiring developers for make my idea? (Because I don't know how to program a unique idea )

    I want to make something really similar to netflix, what I mean by that? have a unique system , created by my team , not something based like in wordpress (You know what I mean) or other CMS , I want to have a product that be able to compete against the big companys NETFLIX and others..

    So there are many other question

    ┐How do I start this project?
    ┐Making a website and app is a one man job? ┐Or involves many free-lancers?
    ┐This is a really "big" project in case of winning, does is recommend to meet the developers in real life before start the project?
    ┐With 50k it would be enought for make the idea?
    ┐How can I make difference between a good developers and scammers developers that just do copy paste?
    ┐Is there a way to protect my idea in the legal view?
    ┐How can I avoid that my own developers in case of hiring does not stole my idea?

    P.S; Mark zuckerberg in facebook he knew how to program and code with another friend same as spotify and netflix creators, so thats make think that before of start a project like that I must learn how to program by my self? and make this project my self? or you think that Its possible to make projects with just paying for things?

    Kind regards;


    -I am new to the forum if its posted in the wrong category so sorry for that ;(

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    The most successful programmers and people in business never had an original idea to start with, all industries are littered with examples from the Bizarre claims that Edison invented the light bulb when it was invented by Joseph Swan some 30 years earlier and the bulb itself was not that good until Tesla solved the problem for Edison and he then was written in to history as the winner.

    So, thats why "Contracts" and "Non Disclosure Agreements" exist.

    If you were to speak to a business advisor about this before you do anything, then assess the viability of such a service that you are offering by researching all those small operators that are already established, you might find a niche within a tough market already.
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    No, you do not have to learn how to program. But you do have to learn how to engage the right people at the right price to do what you need -- and that may mean finding a strong technical person with team leadership skills to help hire the right programmers to work on your project. And don't forget the finance people, the marketing people, legal people, etc....the technical part of things is only that: one one part of the entire business. So, you need to give yourself an honest appraisal and figure out what parts of running a business you are good at, and which parts you need to find help for, either in terms of people to take on those responsibilities, or learning how to do yourself if that is practical and time permits (remembering that time = money).

    Now, that's all if you're serious about getting a "real" business up and running. If you just want some sort of web site that works and then hope that for whatever reason it "goes viral" all on its own and starts generating income, that's another story (and not one that happens as often as the movies would like you to think).
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    Yes , I got your point, Currently I am at college studying Management in bussiness , So the "Administrive" side I can handle it really well; So Now I just need to create the product.

    I am 90% that this idea would work; because I would not have any competition in the internet, but like you said I need to choose the right people to work with,

    I was googling a little bit; they are websites that they offer full packages for developing ideas they are named "TEAMS of developers" so I am paying a company and they will handle it.. what do you think about that? place all the work into one company and they will handle it? or its better to hired a group of developers and they work together but you selected?

    Other question; in what website could I like check the developers AAA+ that are avaible for hired?

    Because they are many free-lancers in the internet; but I think watching their portfolio they do basic "things".

    By other side I got a group of indians that I explained my idea and they budget me 9000 USD for all the project; but the problem is they are from India so cross sea; and I don't want to risk to get scam.

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    Well, there's the rub, so to speak. I'm a technical sort, as are the vast majority of people here on this forum, and we might not be the best source for business advice. But, I won't let that stop me.

    My personal preference would be to try to meet up with local people face-to-face. I do not know what the software engineer environment is like in Chile, but if there are local technical meet-ups and users' groups you could attend, that might be a good way to develop some contacts with developers there to help you find one or a few key people with whom you feel comfortable working. Also, that approach could allow you to "pay" them in part with stock options, partial ownership, or whatever makes sense, both helping to defray your initial expenses while inspiring them to succeed.
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    Is the same a developer and a software enginier ?

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    Hi and welcome to the site.
    - A (web) developer works specifically on web-based projects.
    - A software engineer may work on any computer related projects which may, or may not, have a web aspect.

    I'd expect a software engineer to have a degree (likely post-graduate). A developer may have a degree, lower or no, formal qualifications, having "learnt on the job".

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    In practice, "software engineer" and "software developer" are interchangeable, at least when talking in terms of job title. While you generally have to have an applicable degree and some sort of board certification to be a "civil engineer" or an "electrical engineer", there is not really any such requirement in the software industry.

    PS: The above is generally true here in the US, not sure about any other countries.
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