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Thread: Preview PDF before posting

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    Preview PDF before posting

    I have a form that post a file to a database. I want to be able to preview the file, before the user presses the submit button. I have posted here below a test page that i'm using. I can, using the jquery function preview jpgs but it does not display pdf. Once the file is on the server I can put the pdf on small div for the user to see, so I know that this work. Can anyone help?

    HTML Code:
    	<form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="saveFile.php" method="post">
    	    <input id="inputFile" type="file" name="filePDF"/>
    	    <div id="container">
    		<object id="image" src="ssseng.pdf"></object>
    	    <button id="upload">Upload</button>
    		var preview=document.querySelector('object');
    		var file=document.querySelector('input[type=file]').files[0];
    		var reader=new FileReader();
    		reader.addEventListener("load", function(){
    		    preview.src = reader.result;
    		}, false);

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    Check if this tutorial helps you:

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    At least the test, does what i want. I have been googling for a while and i have not run into this tutorial. I going to give it a try, will post with results. Thanks for the help.

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