Do you have some web developement skills and want to earn some money ? I already have the customers, I just need the website.

First thing : sorry for my english, I am french native.

I have a very nice domain name which is getting natural traffic from France.

Last month it got 1,067 unique, the good thing is that the traffic is targeret, they are looking for a classified ads website and most of them looking for car or real estate ads.

I need a partner who is the best at programming HTML , CSS , PHP , JS ... ( I can program and design web site as well but I don't have time ), I will provide the domain of course and a server in France, some design , you will provide the code.

There is plenty of very nice scripts for classified ads website so the base can be found very quickly.

We will monetize the website with some adsense banner and some on-pay services on the website and we will split the earning 50/50 .

Want to get on board ? Just leave a message here or MP