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Thread: My first html/css project

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    Oct 2017

    My first html/css project

    This is my first project of html/css after learning both languages on codecademy and some other tutorials. I would like if someone could rate it, btw ive been learning both languages since 1month and 1 week but not every day like 1 hour or 3 hours every 2-4 days. anyways rate it from 0 to 10 and give me some tips to improve my coding (if possible) and say what you liked most and what you hated most about my project. Thanks in advance and sorry if i have bad english,,,

    project : http://jsbin.com/wugukat/edit?html,css,output

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    back in 200, BEFORE CSS, people used <TABLE>s to position web page items. <TABLE> layouts are no longer acceptable.

    Sorry, it was hard to see. You are using <TABLE> for data.
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    Hallo auntnini, do not agree:

    Wrong: "Tables are evil"

    Do not use tables for layout purposes.
    Do use tables for displaying table data.

    The data Aslam is displaying in the table is table data in a semantical manner.

    My objection: I recommend using <th> and <thead> and <tbody> for the header of the table.

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    Thanks for the replies Sempervivum and auntnini!!
    But if tables are no longer acceptable why the new codecademy syllabus still teach it?
    And what can i use instead of it? Can you link me to a tutorial or give me a strong example of the thing you use instead of tables?? thanks in advance

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    Don't worry: As I already pointed out, the use of a HTML table for the type of data on your page is completely correct.

    And what can i use instead of it?
    For layouting content that is not table data make yourself familiar with flex layout:

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    Thanks again for your help really appreciate it bro!

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    Hi and welcome to the site. Your site has a number of basic errors which make it look amateur:
    a) Poor contrast between text and background.
    b) Ugly colour palette. Use fewer colours that blend.
    c) Grammatical errors:
    - "Our real estate have rooms..." is wrong because "real estate" is singular but "have" is plural.
    - "Our rooms are comfortable, well-decorated which will get you involved with the real estate environment!" has multiple errors. It should be rewritten something like: "Our rooms, which are comfortable and well decorated, will get you involved with the environment!". Or better still: "Our rooms are comfortable and well decorated, and will involve you in the environment!". I.e. Simplify the structure, omit unnecessary words, and use active rather than passive voice.
    d) Spelling error: " ...massage will need to be payed." (should be "paid").

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    Thanks for your reply jedaisoul!

    I guess I have to improve my writing skills and review a little bit my grammar, because English is not my native language, but last year i took a few months of English in an academy in my city but the teachers were not that good... So i took after these months some courses online and I got good at some point but the problem is that i dont speak english with anyone..

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    aIt is hard if English is not your native language, because there are so many "rules" and exceptions. Also there are valid sentence structures that native English speakers rarely or do not use. Hence they are a give-away. I believe there are people who will check your site for spelling and grammar.

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    Hi Aslam
    I am also new to web development and we all go through the same growing pains.
    Just some key points I will agree on.
    1.Use tables if you want to tabulate data but check your color schemes/contrast you use.Also at close look the gap between the "table data cells" should be eliminated.
    2.Your heading,the blue color to the background image puts lots of strain on the eye.
    3.The white text does not suite the background image,again not easy on the eyes.
    4.A suggestion would maybe to use an UL for the information in white as it would be easy to align your text.
    5.last but not least.Would you say a background image would be a good idea for this project as it might complicate your color scheme choices?
    As said I am no expert and has loads to learn as well but this is what I would change.
    Good luck!

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    Thanks for your reply Vrakkie!

    Web development is a really long way to go through and as of the information I retained from the internet it doesnt have a clear point of end in learning. While web design is just learning the HTML, CSS and Basic JavaScript. And by the word "just" i didnt mean it is actually easy, i meant that it is much easier relative to web development. Anyway thanks for your tips I took some in consider for the next projects that may include tables or its relative, and honestly i didnt like my first project that much also because it took me just 1 hour to finish it and then i didnt revise it. Now i will post my new project which i worked on yesterday (8 hours of work nearly with the revising and breaks included) and i uploaded it on my domain. Here it is : www.mathalgebra.tk

    Thanks again for your reply and good luck with your studies in web development! Have a nice day!

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    good project

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    That rocks for a first project in a short time, Aslam.
    Keep on learning and incorporating the new with what you already have started with [t]here. Hint: people don't "tables" because they can become a nightmare for them ... if it works and accomplishes a need use it (until a better method is replacing).


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    Congrats on your first project.

    Just one thing you need to know is <table> are used for displaying data, for layout is better to use <div>.

    Good luck,

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    Quote Originally Posted by echallenger View Post
    Congrats on your first project.

    Just one thing you need to know is <table> are used for displaying data, for layout is better to use <div>.

    Good luck,
    Hi echallenger and Aslam_,
    I agree with the 'traditional' sense of what the "table" was initially purposed for: data. This 'tradition' still does not limit the usage adaptation(s) for that specific "data" only to be placed into a "table".
    ...if you are a poor man and can afford only one wrenching type of tool to turn a 1/2" bolt - is more beneficial to a 1/2" Open & Box-end wrench or is it more beneficial to purchase the Cresent (adjustable; a.k.a.: Monkey) wrench (which will adjust to accommodate many sizes of bolt heads)? ... That's all I provided above.

    Hope this helps you out ...


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