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Thread: Not able to redirect using Flask

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    Not able to redirect using Flask

    Hello All,

    I am doing a project in which 2 websites are involved site A and site B.
    When user opens the site A he will be asked to enter his credentials, on submitting, site A will send the credentials to site B which will authenticate the user and on successful authentication will supply a sessionId and a UniqueUserID in a cookie. I have to grab this cookie and redirect the user to user to the site B, where he will be already logged in.

    I tried, using Flask I was able to achieve the first part, but the part where I have to inject the cookie in to the browser of the user and redirect to the website, I was not able to do that.

    @app.route('/postmethod', methods = ['POST'])
    def get_post_javascript_data():
        return redirect("https://xxx.com/monitoring_center", code=302)
    Not sure whether this is achievable or there is any other language that is more capable\easier in handling this kind of manipulation.
    I used Flask because I am familiar with Python, if there is any other language please suggest, I will try to learn and try with that as well, and if someone can help with the above issue that will be great .


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    I am by no means an expert on this, but I think you'll run into trouble with trying to send a cookie from one site to another. It may in theory be possible, but will likely be dependent on the user's browser security/privacy settings, as you'd then be dealing with 3rd-party cookies. Outside of using something like OAuth, maybe a one-time token in the request which the second server would then use to set its session cookie?
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    3rd-party cookies
    So many times those are blocked.

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