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Thread: Bug in CSS background color?

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    Angry Bug in CSS background color?

    Hey guys,

    First time poster so my apologies if I'm not in the right place. I'm taking a super simple web design class at a community college and having trouble with the background color of the "main" element. At the top of the main section there appears to be a 20px border where the background color of the "nav" element bleeds in. If I apply a 1 pixel border to the main section the problem is resolved but I am still left with an undesired border. Is it just my browser or what? I've attached 3 files. 2 are screen shots of the problem and the 3rd is a zip file including all source documents for the assignment.

    Any Help is appreciated!




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    Hey, why not you host your code on codepen or similar sites. It could be much easier for us to see the code and edit it on the fly.

    [ Go to codepen and sign up. Create a new pen and copy and paste your HTML, CSS, JavaScript code there and then mention the link of your newly created pen here. ]

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    Hi there IanSkelskey,

    you may possibly find this link helpful to your cause...


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