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Thread: Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

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    Artificial Intelligence in Web Development


    I am currently in my final year at University, for my final year project I am doing an investigation on Artificial Intelligence in Web Development. My Title is:

    An investigation into the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development and the potential impact on the role of Web Developer.

    I was wondering, if I create survey on google forms, will you be able to answer the questions so I collect that data & analyse it.

    This will be great for me to continue on Investigating.

    if anyone has any information that they would like to share to me post below I can take look.

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    Its really a serious topic as people are adopting artificial intelligence for web development rather than to hire a company or take service from freelancer. This reduces work area for a web developer. But artificial intelligence have limitations because it works according to derived algorithm, as a web developer can go beyond the limitation to achieve client's satisfaction.

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    great initiative

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    If Artificial Intelligence in web development becomes the norm and as dynamic as the AI in video games--Web development might have some new players in town--nanobots!!

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    Artificial Intelligence has been talk of the town since the advent of Robotics. Now people want to associate this technology in their website.

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