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Thread: Creating an email server

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    Forgot to add - no you don't need a separate email server and website server. They can both run on the same box no problem!

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    So have you reviewed the documentation that you had with the host account?

    As for email, the email server would be on your dedicated server, thats the point of having a dedicated server is so that YOU run the services YOU want.

    So from memory, you would need to ssh in to that box, run the install commands to get an email server installed and config the accounts and bobs your uncle (and likely your father too).

    It has been a very long time since I have attempted anything like that, so you are better off reading up on it in some linux forums.

    What it sounds like is your web host (and you can quote me on this) has sold you a big auto with a big powerful engine but no wheels.
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