My website is video sharing site. Each video gets it's own page. The problem I am running into when trying to run SEO analysis on my site is that it is reporting that my pages do not have the recommended amount of text. Evidently, google does not see a 30 minute video as being enough "Content".

Now I want my pages to be about the video. I say everything that needs to be said in the video. But for whatever reason, search engines can't analyse voice words, they want TEXT. So my idea is to transcript the audio from the video and then paste that transcript on the page. But I don't want to have that transcript visible. I just want the text there for SEO, but not for people to read it, because it is full of errors and I don't want to spend days editing the 20,000 word transcript from every video I post. So I was thinking of just making the transcript white, which is the color of my page. This way it would be available to the search engines, but not to the viewer. I want the viewers to watch the video, not read the transcript.

Has anyone tried this? Is it considered an "Acceptable" SEO practice?