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Thread: Need help tracking down referral or forwarder or... I don't really know.

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    Need help tracking down referral or forwarder or... I don't really know.

    So here's my situation: I've been tasked with making a few changes to a single page on a site and... I can't find the page!

    It's URL is like www.ourwebsite.com/fooneedsfixing/

    However, the server's document root does not contain anything called 'fooneedsfixing'.

    So what are some examples of things that could be going on here? I'm just looking for some avenues to trace.

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    I'd start by looking at the .htaccess file in the document root directory (assuming there is one), and see what sort of rewriting it might be doing.
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    Sure that the page is not in a database record?

    Like NogDog said, sounds like URL rewriting going on, and I add to that-that the rewrite is going to a single php page like index.pgp with a query appended to that URL and that the data is coming out of a database...
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    Needless to say, if the page is stored in a database, amending it s not going to be as simple as making changes to an HTML page. You will need to find out the CMS (or suchlike) that the site was built with, then learn the basics of using that toolkit. Good luck!

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    thank you.
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