I am fairly new to php and wordpress, so this may be an embarrassingly easy question, but I have been trying to search for an answer and am coming up short. (searching for wordpress url rewrite querystring brings up a million things).

I’d like to use the URL components or slug parts to act as query string vars.
I'm posting here hoping for some guidance or maybe links to examples.

Given a URL that looks like this, where the code can parse the parameters and dynamically generate content:


I’d like it to look like a regular wordpress URL with slugs:


I am trying to figure out if it’s possible, and where to put the code, to capture anything with “website.com/schedule” to then allow me to parse through the rest and generate the content.

I know if I create taxonomies or posts or pages, I could get the URL to look correct, but the problem is that I want it all to be completely dynamic.

My newbie thoughts would be to have wordpress see the first part (/schedule/) as a real slug, and open that page, and have a shortcode on that page that would trigger code to interpret the rest of URL and generate content. (would work fine with query string parameters, but i'd like the url to be friendly)

I suspect that rewrite rules in .htaccess could change the incoming url in wordpress/slug format to the query string format, but I am unsure how that can be done dynamically. The query parameters would be changing (adding) all the time. Maybe a complex rewrite rule would do the trick, but I'd like this to be part of a plugin, not in .htaccess.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!