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Thread: How to allow members to add content to your website in WordPress

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    How to allow members to add content to your website in WordPress


    The idea of my website is to help employees to share all jobs offered at their companies.

    Here is an example:

    Every employee must register to my website and have a membership. Every members can list all jobs offered by his or her employer. All members can also search for all jobs listed in the website by other members. Basically, the website is a reference for all registered members and its database is made by the members.

    I have built the website, designed the pages using a WordPress plugin called, Elementor, and finally, I used another plugin called, Ultimate Membership, to help users register and create profiles at my website.

    The question is:

    How can I allow registered members to add contents to my website? I want all the data members add can be shown in one single page where all other members can browse. Just like a book shelf, members can easily put books on the shelf and take books out from the shelf.

    Hopefully my question is clearly stated

    Thank you,


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    What i would suggest is changing the members privileges , from member or subscriber to author, also i would add the option of having to approve the content as the admin ( so it would be pending in the website database ) . I cant give you exact coding for this i would kneed to know you entire site. But i know you would use the login register type form leading to a form similar to a submission that would be held this form would only be accessible to users stated in your database. Its really a very broad question you are asking here.

    I know im now providing you with a solid answer here but this is the concept i would use , and then search it out on the web i have done something like this before where users required to log in can submit listings for properties and the i as admin would approve the content which would be placed with php.

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