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Thread: Super-Slow SQL Queries Of Slowness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NogDog View Post
    I have heard it said that 3 simple queries often can run as fast as one complex query that joins across them -- and sometimes even faster -- so it might be a good approach
    Yeah, the three simple queries would be:

    SELECT CONCAT(`set_num`,':',`line_num`) AS `line_id` FROM `ds_lines`;
      CONCAT(`set_num`,':',`line_num`) AS `line_id`, 
      CONCAT(`set_num`,':',`line_num`,'_',`categ_id`) AS `line_cat`, 
      FROM `ds_line_categs`
      FROM `ds_categories`
    And, like I said, I'd just use PHP to sort everything out.

    *Checks speeds.* First one ran in 0.02 secondss, second in 0.09 seconds, and the third in 0.02 seconds. Yeah, this is a tad faster.

    Quote Originally Posted by NogDog View Post
    (assuming refactoring the whole database design isn't an option ). Your mileage may vary.
    What do you mean by refactoring?

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    "Refactoring" is just developer speak for "re-doing in a different way". I'm not saying I know what the different way would necessarily be, but the fact that (a) certain text values are showing up in multiple tables, and (b) we're having trouble coming up with a clean way of doing things (which may in part be ignorance on my part) would tend to suggest that some database reorganization and design might solve those problems. The downside is that any code that uses it would then have to adjust to the new design; so it might not be worth the effort.

    The fact that you have a hierarchy structure in your data (with parents and grandparents) already makes things a bit more complicated than many web site databases, and such hierarchy concerns have frustrated many of us in the past. (I came up with a solution for a client many years ago that had an open number of "generations", and which I eventually got to work -- but boy was it ugly. That was before I ever heard of "nested set" database designs, which if I'd used would have made it much cleaner. Of course, now I'd have to read up on it again, as I've pretty much forgotten all the details. )
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