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Thread: Wrap entire WP theme/site in iframe

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    Wrap entire WP theme/site in iframe

    I would like to know how in the heck this site was accomplished?


    They have multiple themes loaded from this one page, I only need to load one theme/site.

    They have these parameters appended to the url, EX. ?theme=[ThemeName]

    I've searched the internet over and cannot find a good start on this?

    Leads to directions or help in any way would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in Advance,
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    You want to know how something was accomplished in that site and you state that you can see that they have loaded multiple themes, blah blah blah..

    In other words, this is a self promotion link that you posted, you know the answer to this question.

    URL has been removed so it does not look like you are spamming the forum.
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    Self promotion my ass... I have nothing to do with the damn site.. it was an example. Doesn't matter anyway now, I found a way to make my wordpress footer fixed and call my posts from a dropdown from there.

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