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Thread: Combine PST

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    Combine PST

    Is possibile to Combine contact information from different version of the same contact ?I have lost information for some contacts, information that two weeks were in mail contacts. If i restore my mailbox is possible to combine this information?

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    Yes it is possible to combine contact information from diffrent version of the same contact.

    1. Open “Microsoft Outlook” and locate PST files which you want to merge.

    2. To create Outlook Data File, select "New Items” >> “More Items” >> “Outlook Data File”.

    3. Create or Open Outlook Data File window will be opened. Specify a name to new PST file and click “OK”.

    4. You can see the new Outlook PST file in the navigation tab. Now, Click on “File” tab >> “Open” >> “Import” option.

    5. Import and Export wizard will open. Choose “Import from another Program or File” option and click on “Next” button.

    6. Select “Outlook Data file (.pst)” and click on “Next” button.

    7. Click on “Browse” button to choose the PST file, select “Do not import duplicates” check box and click on “Next” button.

    8. Choose the folder to import and select “Include subfolders” and “Import items into the same folder in” both the check boxes, and then click on “Finish” button.

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    With anything you do... back up first. Then merge your file and if anything goes wrong, you have originals to work with.
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