Just noticed this forum here and thought I'd seek some info.

I am responsible for the local volunteer firehouse computers. Two at the moment. And both need replacement.

In my role as administrator I have to setup several users (approx. 8-10) on each one. The last one was a couple of years ago and introduced me to W10. What a pia that was for a guy who was perfectly happy with W7 and before that XP (!!!). The main problem here that I am concerned about is that individual users could modify profiles that affected all of the other users, such as display settings, desktops, background images and in general made each login a surprise.

Which version of Windows should I specify on my upcoming purchase? I would like to create a user profile that all users could be assigned when they first login and then modify to their own preferences without affecting any or all of the other users. I used to deal with this kind of stuff before I retired nine years ago but I am so out of touch with it now that I need a little pointer from those who are up on this stuff. And for those who want to point me in any direction that doesn't begin with a "W", well that's just not feasible. Basically I have a small 'Enterprise' going on at the firehouse and I need something similar to what M$ used to call their 'Enterprise' editions.

Thanks in advance!