Hi everyone,

I hope you can help me out to the situation.

I have a severe disability. This consequently makes me electric wheelchair bound/unable to walk, and unable to do anything on my own without help. Unfortunately due to my health I cannot work long hours in the standard mainstream 9-5 working life. I have decided to open up a dormant business which has been a long-time goal of mine.

However like all good business empires, an identifiable website is critical to convey the personality of the business.

I have some really creative website ideas however due to my severe disability I cannot write, type or draw and I can only use voice operated speech software to access my computer. As you may understand speech software and various programs do not really work together.

I successfully undertook a Masters in Digital Marketing a while back which covered brand management, marketing to website design. It is therefore very frustrating not to be able to put my ideas into practice.

I recently hired a website designer that has a lot of experience in WordPress development. He picked out a WordPress theme that would suit my business however it would just need to be translated to the style of the business brand identity. For instance put the business logo, change the colour theme etc.

However he has just sent back the final draft and it looks completely unfinished and very basic to the original WordPress theme and he has not really adopted it to my brand/business. I'm not sure if he can fulfil my expectations.

A lot of developers have been quoting me a lot of money to help finish off the project?

Taking charge of the situation I have found the following themes that closely resemble how I want my website to look.








I do not know much about WordPress development. A lot of the themes say that you do not need any experience in coding. Just adjusting the website to suit your needs.

I'm starting to think to venture on my own and translate one of these WordPress themes to my business brand identity.

Is it just as simple as pay the money for the theme and download it to WordPress?

Apparently also Stratus uses Elementor live page builder. Do I have to download the live page builder separate?


A friend of mine also told me about Avada, Divi, what are the these are you are able to do your website without coding.?

Kind regards,