Hi all.
I would like your input for a variety of reasons if possible, most importantly is that you are exactly who we wish to speak to.
I work for a UK web design and digital marketing agency. We are looking to create some new packages for new customers, and wanted to know from yourselves what you would wish to see in them. We already do an offer for a no catch or commitment 1 months free SEO, and these supporting packages will be for web design.
We are thinking of splitting them up into a start up package with the option of a single of 5 page CMS site. The package will include free hosting, free domain, 3 email addresses, logo, images, 1 years maintenance and support. We feel this will cover most of the bases to relieve the pressure and costs from what already is a very costly and stressful time.
Secondly, the other package will be for existing business so it will be the same concept as a 1 or 5 page CMS, hosting, support and maintenance for a year, images but what else please too.
As mentioned above, we do already offer a completely free and no obligation months worth of SEO directed to a specific landing page. This can be for any business that is already doing SEO in support of, or to target new keywords/service, or anybody that wants to see if this is viable for them with no costs or commitment. This allows us to get to know us as a business and our capabilities before any commitment.
Please do let me know what you wish to see in the packages (and also what should we have put on the landing pages to inform people visiting the page content wise - SEO
I do think with this information, we can tailor a package to help others here, i do appreciate that some may say that no 2 companies are the same, and everyone needs different things, but during our talks with clients is when we truly understand what they want/need and design/develop/tailor accordingly).
Perhaps even what would you expect to pay for these packages, and what would you like to pay ,I do appreciate that these can be 2 very different things.
Once again, thank you and i'm intrigued to hear your answers.

If you want to outsource any of you web design, development or digital marketing, please do let me know.