Hi everyone!! Im currently setting up an online experimentation platform for user testing of different algorithms. Basically the users will go on a website, rate items, and get recommendations based on the algorithms.

The website is based in Flask-Python with a MYSQL backend and hosted on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and RDS. I'm trying to setup some sort of web analytics to track by-user activity on these websites Examples would be the time each user spent on each page, the number of times each user clicked on particular buttons and so on. I need this data in the form of logs / each instance etc, so i can use this for further analysis, not in the form of aggregations provided by some services. Thus i want to be able to map this data to my internal Database user-ids for a complete picture.

However, i cant find a simple solution that gives me granular by-user data. I have tried a lot of them eg clicky, Google Analytics, Common-web on github, but either they provide aggregated data or need me to setup servers for data capture, which is not possible considering my current knowledge.

Can anyone propose a simple analytics/logging solution that gives me granular data? This is my first development project so apologize if this is a too simple question. Really looking for a solution here! Thanks in advance!