I work at a hospital where we've developed an app that covers a lot of ground for it, it used to run on a regular PC with high specs until we finally got a server. But that's where we began running into several issues, the most troubling one is the one mentioned in the title. When I say random I mean random, like, we have an include file with 20 classes and one, just one, at random will suddenly stop being detected. More curious is the fact that if I were to include that missing class right after the include file with all the classes:


will throw Fatal error: Class '<classname>' not found in <include file calling a bunch of classes> on line <line number> but, if at the time of this happening I do this:

require_once("missing class.php");

It will work.

The "solution" so far has been to restart the webserver, we restart IIS and the issue goes away. The IIS settings are verbatim of the ones from the PC where it worked without hitches, the settings for PHP are the same from the PHP on the PC where it worked fine too. I'm fairly convinced that this is a webserver issue but this particular problem does not leave any kind of error or warning on the Windows' event viewer. And as for the PHP logs aside from the fatal error posted above, there's nothing else. I mentioned the word random and that's because the few times this has happened it's been always with a different file; more puzzling is the fact that it's not even a file used at that time as this has happened both at peak times just as well as during late hours when activity decreases a lot.

To be honest, this particular issue is driving me nuts so any kind of feedback or ideas on what could the issue be or if anyone ever experienced something similar would be greatly appreciated.