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This has nothing to do with ad block, simple tes is to have your visitors having issues that use adblock to add the site to their allowed list in adblock by telling adblock to "allow site"


If the problem exists thereafter, you can then take it as read that the problem is nothing to do with adblock, I know, I have used it for years myself on sites, allow sites to show adverts and so on.

What I believe you are trying to get is a code that will circumvent these securities in place and that is venturing in to the realms of asking for hacking tools or assistance in creating such tools which is contrary to this sites AUP.
Here we go again... dude, it HAS to do with adblock. it's a known issue actually for clickbank affiliates. i'm absolutely not asking for anything to circumvent any security... i explained what it is so many times now. thanks cookie dough anyway i'll keep trying